60th Reunion More Photos

Page for 60th Reunion Pictures

On the link below are 6 pictures I took, if anyone has more send them in. I put them on Shutterfly and the link  should bring you to them. I would recommend not clicking on it since it knocks you off the Glen Rock site. Instead copy the link and paste it onto a new tab. 


Identification of Who is in Each Picture

Top row of pictures on Shutterfly from left to right:

First Picture: Lanny Horn, Linda Giambra, Doug Dressler and Steve Giambra

Next:Roberta Pabst,Diana Pearson, Linda Giambra,Chris Dressler,& Pia Coyle

Next: The massive amount of Glen Rock Cheerleaders at the Homecoming Football Game.

Parade Banner:

 First row: Brian Dovey, Lanny Horn, Anne Allan Mahoney,Pete Sigmon, Jane Stewart Wollman,Diane Doviak Webb,Missie Craig Parham, & Steve Giambra

 Second row :Bill White, Bill Seed, John Coyle, Tom Pearson, & Dick Webb

Next: Missie Craig Parham, John Pabst, Steve Giambra, and Walter Parham

Next:Dick Webb, Bill White, Diane Doviak Webb, and Brian Dovey