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•   Douglas Anderson  9/7
•   David Craig  9/5
•   Tom Drake  9/5
•   Ed Mignot  7/21
•   John (Jack) Mannette  7/5
•   George W. Bovenizer III  12/21
•   Bob Behn  11/27
•   Mary Midlam (Boston)  11/11
•   Tom Pearson  1/10
•   Glenn Reynolds (Reynolds)  1/7
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Glen Rock High School
Class of 1959

60th Reunion Weekend on Oct. 11-13, 2019 Plus It's GRHS's Homecoming Weekend


                  The reunion begins Fri. night October 11 at the Hilton Woodcliff Lake (HWL) with a reception (cocktails and finger food) from 6pm to whenever. Saturday night there is a sit down dinner at the Glen Rock Inn (7.8 miles from the HWL).

Guest rooms can be reserved at a group rate at the Woodcliff Lake Hilton. The group rate code you need for online reservations is found by clicking "60th Reunion" on the menu at left. The group rate is $149(before tax) a night for the room.

 It is now confirmed that Saturday October 12, 2019 will be the GRHS Homecoming parade and game. This brings a big plus to our reunion.


Suzanne Knecht Isaacson

 Recently found that Suzanne died in Spring Hill, FL on December 29, 2016. See more by clicking on "In Memory" in the menu at left. Click on her name for the link to the obituary in the Tampa Bay Times.


2018 Scholarship Awards on June 6th


Tom Pearson and Doug Anderson made the 2018 scholarship awards at Glen Rock High School on Wed. June 6th. For an array of pictures and the accomplishments of the recipients click "2018 Scholarships at GRHS" in menu at left.


See Glen Rock Videos

    Tune into

     For videos of July 4th parades go to

     For Glen Rock Historical Society go to

Cathy Sullivan Robert's  B&B in Byram Township, NJ.

     The Inside New Jersey magazine of April 2013 had a article you might want to see which shows her B&B. Look under "Cathy Sullivan Robert's B&B" in memu at left of screen.

2018 Florida Luncheon

The luncheon was held February 6th at Bascom's in Clearwater.

Susan Nydegger, Judy (Olsen) Jaquette, Kathy(Wulff) Miller, Art Jaquette, John Nydegger

Eloise (Leib) Bellis, Barbara (Mechan) Carragher, Bob Carragher, Billie Lee (Horn) Norman,

Stan Bellis

John Nydegger, Tom Pearson, Eloise Bellis, Barbara Carragher, Bob Carragher,

Billie Lee Norman, Stan Bellis, Diana Pearson

Stan Bellis, Diana Pearson and Susan Nydegger.

Susan Nydegger, Judy(Olsen) Jaquette, Kathy (Wulff) Miller

Art Jaquette, John Nydegger, Eloise (Leib) Bellis, and Barbara (Mechan) Carragher 

2018 Florida Car Show @ Lakewood Ranch

                                          1965 Morgan

                                         Rear 1965 Morgan

For more of the car show pictures click on "2018 Florida Car Show" on the sidebar.






Al Walker

    Al passed away on October 26, 2017. See " In Memory" on menu at left.

Class Scholarship Fund

       The annual letter asking for contributions to the fund was mailed out 11/9/17. Please be generous. We normally award  $2,500 scholarships to two GRHS seniors.

See Currency Issued in 1920's in GR

  Go to "Glen Rock Currency" in memu at left.

Glen Rock Architecture

       You  will want to see the video produced by the Glen Rock Historical Society. It is well done.


2017 Scholarship Awards

 At the June 7, 2017 GRHS Awards Assembly, we awarded two $2,500 scholarships  to the GRHS seniors pictured below. For full details, click on Scholarship Awards on the menu at left.


Florida Alumni Luncheon

 The annual luncheon of FL based 1959 GRHS alumni was held on Tuesday, February 21, 2017 at Bascoms' Chop House, Clearwater, FL. Other GRHS alumni whom we could locate nearby were also invited. We welcomed Billie Lee(Horn) Norman (Class of 1960) who is Lanny Horn's sister, Kathy (Wulff) Miller (Class of 1963) who is Rod Wulff's sister and John Nydegger (Class of 1960).

(clockwise) John Nydegger, Diana Pearson, Kathy (Wulff) Miller, Judy (Olsen) Jaquette, Art Jaquette, Eloise (Leib) Bellis, Billie Lee (Horn) Norman

(l to r) Eli Elyoussef, Liz (Sosenheimer) Elyoussef, John Nydegger

Barbara (Mechan) Carragher, Bob Carragher, Eli Elyoussef

Tom Pearson, Kathy (Wulff) Miller, Judy (Olsen) Jaquette

Diana Pearson, Kathy (Wulff) Miller, Tom Pearson, Judy (Olsen) Jaquette,Art Jaquette, Eloise (Leib) Bellis


2017 Florida Car Shows

                                   1931 Packard

                           1922 Packard

                            1937 Packard   

                           1953 Chevrolet Bel Aire

                  1964 Studebaker Gran Turismo  

                                1951 Kaiser

                           VW Bus 1965(?)

              2017 Jeep Unlimited Sport-Customized 

                          1931 Ford Model A

                              1936 Ford Conv.

                     1936 Ford. Conv. (side view)

                                   1936 Auburn

                              1971 Morgan

                              1931 Studebaker

                         1969 Mercedes 300SL

                     1931 Ford Woodie



 GRHS Athletic Hall of Fame Elects Brian Dovey


The following is from the Ridgewood-Glen Rock Patch of 7/15/16:

 "The athletes played in every decade from the 1950s to the 2000s. They are: Brian Dovey ('59), Dave Stanely ('64), Ken Veenema ('73), Michael Petrocci ('73), Mindy Feinberg Leibowitz ('83') Michelle Leonard Conger ('91), Tracy Della Torre Danicich ('99), Scott Stephen ('01), Mark Hannon ('03), Gabby Pasternack ('03), Leah Jerome ('03), Kim Mineo Lucin ('03), and Ryan McCann ('04)."

A hearty congratulations to Brian.

Brian is second from the top left in this 1958 article:



            GRHS 2016 Scholarships Awarded

On June 8, 2016 Doug Anderson awarded two $2,500 scholarships to two GRHS seniors shown below. For more discussion see "Scholarship Awards" in the menu at left.



Glen Rock High School Alumni West Coast Florida Winter Luncheon,

                              February 29, 2016


  Stan Bellis, Eli Elyoussef, Art Jacquette, Barbara Mechan Carragher, John Nydegger

  (Class of 1960), Bob Carragher, Judy Olsen Jacquette, Liz Sossenheimer Elyoussef,

   Eloise Leib Bellis, picture taker- Tom Pearson.







We discussed with John Nydegger (Class of 1960) the possibility of having joint events and we will look at what would be appealing.John gave us a copy of his class list and I did likewise. What do you think? Use the "contact us" link at the right to express your view.

Robert K. Fisher

    Bob died at the end of February. Send condolences to his wife Joan, at 54 Moccasin Road, North Haledon, NJ 07508.




NJ Trip Down Memory Lane

  Rod Wulff brought this to our attention:



Scholarship Awards- 2015


 On June 3rd Betty Allen Cheshire and Tom Pearson awarded your $2,500 scholarships to two GRHS seniors. More information about the winners can be found under "Scholarship Awards" on the menu at left. As has become usual at GRHS, these recipients are high achievers both academically and in school and volunteer activities.They accomplish all they do with enthusiasm and time management.

Glen Rock July 4th Parades

     You can see the 1952, 1956, and 1959 parades (as well as others) at , , and . When you click on one and it plays, you can get a full screen view by clicking on the box with the arrows at the far right of the time bar.

Florida Alumni Luncheon

The annual Florida alumni luncheon was held on the 24th of February  at Bascoms Chop House in Clearwater, FL. The photos are as follows:

Eloise Leib Bellis,Eli Elyoussef,Art Jaquette,Barbara Mechan Carragher, Bob Carragher, Judy Olsen Jaquette, Liz Sosenheimer Elyoussef, and Stan Bellis

Eloise Lieb Bellis and Eli Elyoussef

Art Jaquette and Barbara Mechan Carragher

Bob Carragher and Judy Olsen Jaquette

Liz Sosenheimer Elyoussef and Stan Bellis


2015 Florida Car Show 1/17/15

  Scroll way down this page for latest  (1920's to 1960's) car show pictures from St. Armands Circle in Sarasota, FL on 1/17/15.

Scholarship Fund

   The annual GRHS Class of 1959  Scholarship Fund appeal was mailed on January 20, 2015. Click on "Scholarship Awards" in the menu at left for a copy of the mailer.

55th Reunion Photos :




Back l to r- Steve Giambra, Lanny Horn, Tom Pearson, Doug Dressler, Bill Seed, Pete Sigmon, Al Walker, John Coyle, Janet Janowitz Weil,Dr. Norman Morrow. Front l to r- Ginger Huckin Dixon, Diane Doviak Webb,Anne Allen Mahoney, Missie Craig Parham, Nancy Courter Karnolt, Lynn Meirose Cole, Dr. Melinda Myers, Susan van Keuren Easton, Mary Martha Burhouse Nazarian, Betty Allen Cheshire (Not pictured: Dr. David Burns, David Craig)

Fri. night reception, foreground counterclockwise-Pete Sigmon, Doug Dressler, Pia Coyle, Diane Doviak Webb

Fri. night reception, foreground l to r : Mary Martha Burhouse Nazarian, Susan van Keuren Easton, Janet Janowitz Weil, Anne Allen Mahoney, and Al Weil

(l to r) Nancy Courter Karnolt and Anne Allen Mahoney

Nancy Courter Karnolt,Mary Martha Burhouse Nazarian, Susan

van Keuren Easton, Missie Craig Parham

Christine Dressler, Doug Dressler, Betty Allen Cheshire, Diana Pearson,

Tom Pearson, Ginger Huckin Dixon

Diana Pearson and Linda Wales Giambra

Mary Martha Burhouse Nazarian

Pia Coyle and Steve Giambra

Pam Seed, Norman Morrow, Bonnie Morrow, and Linda Wales Giambra

Dave Burns, Tom Pearson, Lanny Horn, Al Walker,Steve Giambra,

Bill Seed


Remembrance Ceremony: Bob Hansen's son and grandson approaching Ginny James Memorial    Garden with bouquet. See also next....  (courtesy of N. Morrow)

Bob Hansen's grandson placing bouquet (courtesy of N. Morrow)

Sat. Remembrance Ceremony: Bagpipers after moment of silence at the Ginny Genarro James Memorial Garden

Lobby GRHS (courtesy of Norm Morrow)

Hallway at GRHS (courtesy of N. Morrow)

Junior/Senior High School Auditorium (courtesy of N. Morrow)

GRHS- Touring classrooms (courtesy of N. Morrow)

GRHS Media Center (courtesy of N. Morrow)

GRHS Media Center-another view (courtesy of N. Morrow)


                                   Sat. School Tour

                                 Sat. School Tour

                               Lunch At Glen Rock Inn

                           Lunch at Glen Rock Inn

                           Lunch at Glen Rock Inn

John Coyle, Steve Giambra, Linda Wales Giambra, Bill Seed,

Pam Seed

 Foreground, Steve Giambra, next tier John Coyle, Linda Giambra,

Bill Seed, Pam Seed

Diane Doviak Webb and Lanny Horn

Nancy Courter Karnolt and  Janet Janowitz Weil

Pete Sigmon

Linda Wales Giambra and Steve Giambra

Bonnie Morrow and Norman Morrow

Susan van Keuren Easton and Al Easton

Pia Coyle and John Coyle

Diana Pearson and Tom Pearson

Pam Seed and Bill Seed




Reunion Souvenier


  This sketch done by Glen Rock High School alumni, Mark Usmiani, a resident of Glen Rock for the last 15 years and a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design with a degree in illustration will be given out at the reunion on an 8x10 matte suitable for framing. I think I will ask Mark to do one of the old family home on Central Ave.

Banner for the Reunion

Neat Glen Rock Video

See 1956 GR Independence Day Parade:

      Can you spot yourself 

  Home Movies:                                                                                                                            Click on arrow in video to run video of the GRHS football game v. Wood Ridge. This is a video I took back in 1958.




Video of 1959 GRHS Graduation:

    This video was taken by a member of my family and is of exceptionally poor quality that I did not want to put it up on this site. However, I thought that it could lay the groundwork for asking another  classmate that has a good video of the ceremony to contact me so we could get it on a disk and put all or parts of it up here in lieu of the one you have reluctantly viewed. Contact Tom Pearson by sending an email through this site by going to "Classmate Profiles" in the menu at left.


1958 All Suburban Football Selections


 Brian Dovey top row second from left and Paul Stanley, bottom right. Note, there is more to the picture but it is cut to fit.

Cheerleaders from Glen Echo Oct. 1958


Scholarship Awards- June 4, 2014


 (l to r) Betty Cheshire, Kelly, Julia, and Tom Pearson

Betty and Tom made the 2014 Scholarship Awards to the students shown above at the Awards Assembly on June 4, 2014. A detailed writeup appears under the title "Scholarship Awards 2014" on the menu at the left of your screen.

Glen Rock View:

   A photo taken from the Glen Rock Inn:


New High School Logo and School Pictures




Mike Bagley Sends Some Pictures From 1957

Mike was with the class until the 10th grade, then and moved to Florida. The pictures follow: 


                                           Pictured, Diane Doviak Webb


      Pictured:Back L to R : Luellen Gehweiler, Betty Hartzel Dovey, Susie Knecht Smith
                     Front L to R: Ginny Kretch, Margaret Cowan, Diane Doviak Webb, Judy Vogt                                           Lois Lohmann Kraebel                                                                            



                                          Pictured, rear, John Pabst,on running board, Jim                                            DeVinney,

                                           behind Jim, Dick Webb, then Bob Quackenbush

1959 Graduation Ball Pictures, Dinner Menu, and Commencement Program 

     ( Pictures from Ridgewood Herald News of June 18, 1959) 









     Dinner Menu






1959 Program for Graduation Ball

         We have surfaced a surviving copy of the schedule for and after the Graduation Ball and it is shown below.  We hope you will enjoy seeing it once again.


Joanna (Poppink) Picciotti 1959 Column

 In 1959 Joanna wrote the following column, "Youth and the Future" for the Sunday News. It is a well written view of what 1959 US youth owed the world.



     2013 Scholarships Awarded

 Betty Cheshire and Tom Pearson presented the $2,000 awards to two graduating seniors at the June 6th Awards Assembly. A picture is shown below without names. Full details can be accessed by clicking on "Scholarship Awards 2014" in the menu. The 2013 information follows that for 2014. 


2015 Jan. Car Show in FL

1937 Caddilac

1955 Chevy

1964 Chevy Truck

1964 Chevy Truck

1964 Chevy Truck

1926 Ford Model T

1926 Ford Model T

1931 Ford

1931 Ford

1950 Ford

1950 Ford

1950 Ford

Ford Woodie town and country car

Ford Woodie town and country car

1956 or '57 Chevy Corvette

1956 or '57 Chevy Corvette

1956 or '57 Chevy Corvette

Unimog Fire Truck




2014 Sept. Car Show in Rye, NH

2014 Car Show in Florida

1936 Auburn

1923 Franklin

1913 Cole

Austin Healy

1953 MGTD

1960 T-Bird

1960 T-Bird (rear view)

1960 Military Jeep

1955 Ford T-Bird

Austin American

2014 Air Show-- FL

B-17 Bomber

P-51 Mustang

B-24 Liberator

B-24 Liberator (front view)

1929 Ford Tri-Motor

'29 Ford Tri-Motor

'29 Ford Tri-Motor

1929 Ford Tri-Motor






Neat 50's Video on You Tube

  First 30 seconds out-of-focus but remainder is entertaining.

    And, A Neat Dog Video Accompanied by 50's Music



Old Picture of Rock of Glen Rock











































     If you are having difficulty with this site email us under the "Contact Us" selection in the menu.